Jack Russell Terrier Kennel Rapparee Rose's

Geboren op 8 juni 2009:

2 teefjes en 2 reutjes

Braperemi Whatshisname (Humphrey) x Rapparee Rose’s Clever Claire




Gifted Githa


Matchless Madelyn


Wicked Willow


Humble Higgins


Stamboom Puppen:


Dubbsville Bud
Aust. CH. Malung Orinoco
Aust. CH. Mahkoolma Jack Man

Malung Morag
Aust. CH. Chumcreek/jr Jims Idol
Aust. CH. Malung/jr Moyra
Aust. CH. Swynford/jr Merinda
Braperemi Whatshisname
Austr. CH. Malung Orinoco
Dubbsville Bud
Aust. CH. Braperemi Whatinoco
Malung Morag
Braperemi Made To Order

Aust. CH. Ozigolden Whats New  
Aust. CH. Braperemi Whatinoco
Austr. CH. Malung Orinoco
Macirubo Why Not
Aust. CH. Ozigolden Whats New
Garthmar Jemma
  Enchantment Just an Ace RusselGrove Ben
  Imlay Black Forrest Pickwick Tooting Bec
  Imlay Daisy Chain Macbreadly Jack Flash
  Winsom Wesley of Jack’s Imlay Vellutto Rosso
  Paradise Tango
  Blue Bayou of Jack’s
  Paradise Carry on Caitlin of JP Rojen Maximus
Rapparee Rose’s Clever Claire     Penny
Karell Milo HaHa Bromley Barnaby Rudge
  Liberated Lewis Malung JR Mini HaHa
  of Jack’s Paradise Carry on Caitlin of Rojen Maximus
  Rapparee Rose’s Daisy Jack’s Paradise Penny
  Naughty Nicholas of Tango
  Rapparee Rose’s Finally Jack’s Paradise Cosy Contessa of JP
  Fleur Rambling Rose Trappings Tiger of JP
  of Jack’s Parsdise Bette Middler of JP